Forever About Quality

With the soft, silky, materials we use to make our swimwear comes with a lot more care. We ask you to be aware and gentle with your one-pieces when caring for them, to get as many wears as possible. 

Please follow these instructions carefully.



Some dyes can run when wet. Although we only use the highest-quality dyes, colour permanence cannot be guaranteed. Take care not to wear lighter coloured clothing over wet swimwear as some colours may transfer when wet.


DO NOT IRON, TUMBLE DRY OR MACHINE WASH – INCLUDING THE HAND WASH SETTING ON YOUR APPLIANCE. We advise against using a dry clean service as they may not be aware of the fabric compositions and steam could lead to damaging your item.
Unlike other garments, Bad N Bare swimsuits needs you to get a little more hands on when washing. It will make you love them more, promise! 



We advise to keep your items flat when drying in the shade and allow them to drip dry straight after washing. Do not wring out excess water to keep the fabric from stretching and to prevent any colour transfer.  


Direct sunlight, UV, oils, fake tan, suncreams, spas and salt water may cause discolouration to the fabric. Please take care when applying lotions, oils, fake tan and makeup as these will mark the fabric.Beautiful things require upkeep, but we promise it is worth it. If you have any queries about your Bad N Bare purchase, drop us an email at